Company profile

The company «Organica» is exclusive distributor of American brands of organic and natural cosmetics.

Our mission::

To install the principles of conscious and ethical usage without harming your health and the Planet in general.

As one word the meaning of our company "Organica" can be described as the reaching of sustainable development - SUSTAINABILITY. In this case the global Sustainable development of Society and our Planet is the correct and environmental interaction of three aspects of life: Ecosystems, Economy and Social sphere.


Today we focus on parts of this triangle: the responsibility for the environment and health care.

Our company
sets itself the following goals:

Promotion of organic cosmetics from USA

Promotion of American brands of organic products for skin and hair care, as well as tools for cleaning on the territory of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The transferring of knowledge about organic cosmetics

Informing consumers and businesses about the features and advantages of organic cosmetics, about the dangers of synthetic ingredients in cosmetics and cleaners

The distribution of knowledge about organic certification

Introduction consumers and business with organic certification, adopted in the United States.

Promoting the reduction of household wastes of plastic in the world

Informing consumers about the dangers of plastic packaging for nature and animals, offering to consumers fully compostable or biodegradable packaging instead of plastic fully.

Our brands

In your portfolio, we only select brands from USA with reputable certified USDA Organic and NSF /ANSI 305.


BOTANIQUS cosmetics



Forrest & Love



Значительная часть продуктов наших брендов имеют авторитетную органическую сертификацию USDA Organic или NSF. Несертифицированные продукты в своём составе содержат только натуральные ингредиенты, при этом в среднем 80% из них органического происхождения